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Santa Marina offers the kind of hotel experience money can’t buy—namely, a refined sense of thoughtfulness and priority care. My husband loves black coffee, so on the second day, when we sat down for breakfast, a black coffee was brought to us right away. I liked a spot on the beach in particular: the next day when we arrived for an afternoon swim, the loungers were already set up for us. We were treated like family as well as guests, greeted with free photos when we arrived for dinner and lounging in the sun after the beach closed. It feels like being in the most comfortable, well-groomed home possible—if my house has a jacuzzi in the bedroom, that’s it. Any worries that we might feel out of place surrounded by all this extravagance quickly dissipated, and what my husband and I had imagined could end up being like an episode of The White Lotus. soon turned into a trip that made me wonder what the essence of luxury is. Jason Atherton’s Mykonos Social Restaurant. Photo: George Fakaros

Kim nam joon if you want to love others I think you should yourself first shirt

But not before we fully immerse ourselves in the 111Skin “experience,” as these are called. What that means in practice is a tailor-made spa treatment that solves every problem we have with our skin or body—something we discussed at length with the 111Skin team before at the beginning of any treatment. Some might say that what happened next was a real luxury. When I explained that the skin tone on my arms was uneven and that I sometimes felt like my back was misaligned, I had the best massage of my life. You can quote me on that—but first, go see Julia at Ginko Spa in Santa Marina Mykonos and request the 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond body treatment. Spa in Santa Marina. Photo: George Fakaros If you think that’s enough, I honestly thought so, the next day—just before my flight to Scotland, where I’m typing this now under a very gray sky. other Mykonian—I got a facial from Milena Naydenov, 111Skin senior esthetician (who’s Who facialist, I hear). A week later, my skin is still plump and dewy, even when I’m sitting in a rain cafe in Glasgow.

Kim nam joon if you want to love others I think you should yourself first s hoodie

As my husband and I lay there on the last day, the sun setting on our vacation and the bustling summer of Mykonos, the idea of defining luxury came back to me once again. It’s thoughtfulness, it’s caring, and it’s something completely unique. Whether that means a new set of clothes, a Sunday meal with the family or a week’s stay at a luxury resort in the heart of Mykonos. It doesn’t always have to be paid, and many of these sensations can be found at home. But every now and then, it feels special to have access to this fleeting sensation at one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever been to—leaving me with the freshest, most radiant skin of my life. All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, we may earn affiliate revenue on this article and a commission when you buy something.

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