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I usually prefer to work with a gradient when dressing in light coloured pants. With dark shoes, I’d use a light blue, lighter brown or off white shirt stripes are also a good idea. With lighter shoes think white, tennis, I’ll easily pair it with a striped red or darker blue shirt, or any colour with similar volume. Speaking of volume, I often pair loud pieces with more neutral tones like khakis. This is to of course, give a balance to the overall look and feel of my outfit that day. You could easily pair a fuschia pink shirt or a light green scheme with your khakis and some light brown or white plimsolls for a casual look, or a simple white shirt stripes are good with mid brown drivers for a casualrelaxed look, which you could easily slip a blazer over for a dinner out… Best thing is khakis are a very versatile color for pants, that almost any shirt goes well with them. It’s the full combo shoes & accessories included that you should focus on, for that added effect.

Patrick Mahomes And Travis Kelce Red Kingdom The Perfect Combination Signatures shirt

In fashion terms every one is going for matching cloths. It’s little beet difficult to choose or select perfect cloth matching. With khaki pant there are many color will look nice like Blue, Red, Pink, Black, White and more. Now it’s your choice . I would definitely choose some lighter colors. But if you want a very detailed answer, I can highly suggest this answer hereMildred Howard’s answer to What color shirt goes well with khaki pants I have found it yesterday while browsing quora and I agree with that answer 100%. I would not be able to write it better myself I hope I have helped. Khaki also now commonly refers to a style of casual or semi dress pants made from one of several different types of fabrics or fabric blends.

Patrick Mahomes And Travis Kelce Red Kingdom The Perfect Combination Signatures s Hoodie

Khaki falls in the category of warm colors in yellow orange. It can be offset by complementary hues in the cool blue violet range of colors. Or an analogous range of colors like peach, military green or shades of brown can be used to create a monochromatic effect. Black goes well but it is pretty common. Navy blue looks elegant but if you are planning to wear it during the day light blue linen shirt long sleeve would be good. Also if you are in decent shape and fashion forward then try coral pink shirt with brown leather shoes.You will be different from the crowd and surely be one to gather attention. Khaki pant is recently in trend because of its versatility to match with any shirt. One can use khaki pant as formal and casual dress code. Perfect Matching Shirt Colours for Khaki Pant Blue, maroon, red, green, black, white, purple, aquateal, pinkmagenta, contrastbrown, peach and gray.

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