CustomXmas LLC – Heart Irish St Patrick’s Day Cute Shirt

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In November, Simons shuttered his namesake line after 27 years, leading to speculation about a possible increased role at the Prada brand in the future. But the Belgian designer firmly denied his decision was linked to that prospect, voicing the closure resulted from more personal reasons.

Heart Irish St Patrick's Day Cute Shirt

When it comes to bags, are you team mini or maxi? There are pros and cons to both silhouettes. Mini bags are a sleek and discreet addition to your ensemble, but often only fit your lip gloss and phone; Maxi bags are more practical and carry everything you need during the day, but they can weigh a ton. Angelina Jolie? She’s clearly team maxi.

Heart Irish St Patrick's Day Cute Shirt

Launched following Floyd’s murder, the volunteer network Raisefashion aims to create change from the ground-up through pro-bono consulting for 250-plus emerging brands. Along with learning the ins and outs of navigating the industry, the group helps the up-and-comers cultivate a network of contacts. While many associate fashion with the design side of the business, other essential elements such as e-commerce, finance, merchandising, operations and logistics, influencer outreach, creative content strategies, marketing and public relations can be explored.

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