Deadman’s Questions Jojo’s Bizarre shirt

The Seoul-based designer already has a name and an established presence (45 stockists). His genderless and edgy silhouettes have been worn by BTS members and most recently Jared Leto (this Paris season). Some of his creations are festooned with a message: “Right to Fail.” But clearly, he is succeeding. —LG Hood by Air alum Raúl Lopez turned his first name around to create Luar, which he relaunched after a pandemic enforced lockdown limbo on the Deadman’s Questions Jojo’s Bizarre shirt Finally Cayman Islands. Three seasons later, reading about him from way across the Atlantic, he seems to have New York at his fingertips: the scenes my colleague Laia Garcia-Furtado described from his NYFW show are evidence of that. Wearing his supportively pillow-shouldered lurex pinstripe suit in the LVMH showroom, Lopez said his rail was a slimmed down selection of that collection. “I condensed it down to the tailoring, the tech wear, the basics, and the caviar beading… I love caviar.” It was great to see Luar on this side of the pond. —LL

Deadman’s Questions Jojo’s Bizarre shirt,hoodie, tanktop, sweater, longsleeve tee

Deadman's Questions Jojo's Bizarre shirt

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