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is not lost on this generation or any future generation.” My grandfather, like the Hkey feeling low T-shirt Furthermore 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, is no longer around. But I am. And to heed Reagan’s call that day, I hope I am “their vessel of remembrance” by penning this piece. Holocaust survivor Benjamin Samuelson escaped Auschwitz and hid in a chimney for 10 days to escape from the Germans. In this time of distorted truth, it is important to ensure that younger generations know the real truth. As tragic as they can be, we must continue to share and consume Holocaust stories, lest the struggles of my grandfather, and millions of others, be forgotten. As the mantra concerning genocides goes: “never again.” I hope that telling these stories help future generations understand what really happened, honor the lives lost, and ultimately, ensure we stand by those words: Never again. Evan Brodsky is the grandson of Holocaust survivor Benjamin Samuelson. His grandfather detailed his experiences in the 2003 book, “Abiding Hope: Bearing Witness to the Holocaust” and a 1997 interview with the USC Shoah Foundation.

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