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Finally, Biden is a career politician and doesn’t care who or what he is doing, as long as he is making money. The Hunter Biden LAPTOP story has been fully credited and is 1000% accurate. The Bidens are a crime family with payouts from China to Ukraine with Joe getting his cut EVERY SINGLE TIME. There was a coordinated effort by big tech, MSM, and former lead intelligence officers to make sure that story DID NOT GET OUT to the American people so Joe could get into the whitehouse.

His mistakes are just too many to name. This piece above does touch on his withdrawal from Afghanistan which was a complete disaster when he knew it was coming 9 months in advance and had plenty of time to figure it out. They didn’t mention his HORRIFIC energy policies which have decimated the country. Not only did he shut down the keystone in the name of “climate change” but then funds Russian oil and the Nordstream so that Europe can have oil but we can’t have it here?!!! What is he doing!!!??? There are sooo many blunders from this guy. He is flying in illegal immigrants into the interior of the country for Gods sake!! It’s literally treason!!

.. then something about infrastructure which meant giving more money to minorities and diversities and anything considered “woke” and really didn’t put any real money into the infrastructure like roads and bridges etc so just more debt for us taxpayers while we keep driving over pot holes but “Biden”

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