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Badu isn’t the office type, but for the past year and a half, she’s maintained a creative workspace on the other side of town, just 25 miles from the lakeside ranch she’s lived in. last year a few minutes drive. years (and currently being renewed). From the outside, the modern loft-style house is hardly the bohemian retreat I imagined—although Badu’s dove-gray Porsche is parked in the driveway with a SHE ILL license plate. Inside, it’s a real Aladdin’s cave with Aladdin’s knick-knacks and objects. art, with Buddha statues lining the stairs, African masks hanging on the walls and garlands of Indian marigolds strung on the windows. Badu greeted me at the door in a dramatic silk Libertine caftan with fun prints of monkeys in spacesuits and led me through her recording studio to the living quarters, where there were two pictures. larger real-life Malian bronze bust with glowing incense sticks growing out of it. their leader. The fireplace casts a shadow over vintage furniture, including the throne-like peacock loveseat and retro futurist egg chair. In the corner, a standing piano is supported by a stack of vintage Louis Vuitton chests. “Alexa, play wind chimes,” said Badu, setting the mood.

Between you and me can we see the blue sky before we go blind new shirt

I can’t help but ask if Badu keeps any of her legendary wardrobes here—and this prompts a tour. We started into the kitchen with a black Junya Watanabe Commes des Garçons biker jacket with a zipper, loosely draped over a stool with its tags still on. “I can’t decide whether to keep it or not,” she said, smiling shyly, though her curvaceous shoulders at the idea looked as easy as a cardigan that was baggy over her—no need to. must be disputed. I recall how the fashion world seemed to be catching up to Badu: Her counterintuitive approach to layering between extreme proportions, her evil eye for vintage and The impulse to upgrade or customize everything she wears feels right with our current trends. moment. “The first thing you always see is her, and then you think, Oh, my God, that’s what she wears!” Her friend Thom Browne, who has outfitted her on numerous occasions, including the 2021 Met Gala. “It’s an aura of true individuality, true greatness and fame. of superstars.”

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Yohji Yamamoto’s skirt and hat. Only last September did Badu really participate in Global Fashion Week. At Vogue World in New York, she made her catwalk debut in an ERL plaid suit layered over a Bode gown, her own eclectic jeweled collar. At the Tom Ford show a few nights later, she paired a pair of his sparkling rhinestone Aladdin pants with a faux fur hat. Then, after stops in London for Burberry and in Milan for Bottega Veneta, she picked out a dazzling array of outfits for Thom Browne, Rick Owens and Off-White in Paris. She finished her lap at Valentino, where she reinvented the Italian brand’s famous Barbie pink, deftly pulling a hoodie from under her feather coat and donating a hat. giant.

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